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    Don’t know when this was written, so I may be wasting my time commenting. You say men want Godly women. Well, Godly women wait for marriage to have sex. And Godly men do the same! Yes there’s temptation to go all the way, but there’s also knowing what’s right vs.wrong in Gods eyes. And a great, respectful Godly man, will know how to treat a woman! Society’s way of thinking is not Gods thinking or His way period! And it is getting out of control!

    1. 1.1

      Dan Dollars

      You did not waste your time. Your thoughts are very valid points.

  2. 2


    I actually agree. Valid points made.

  3. 3


    …Godly women?
    I’m an atheist. :b

  4. 4


    Well, I am a Godly woman. However, my ex still preferred skanks over me. Hooters, strip clubs, porn.

  5. 5


    what about the men who disrespect women before even knowing about their career, personality or whether they will sleep with them “too soon” the men that look at women and speak to women as if they are pieces of meat or prizes to be won? maybe dan you should write an article to teach men how to approach women within a manner that makes a woman feel like she is respected and maybe she will fulfill the points you have point across without even thinking about it

    1. 5.1

      Dan Okpara

      Thank you for your comment. I’ll sure look at producing another tutorial on how to approach women in way she feels respected. Once again thanks

  6. 6


    A man who is truly disrespectful to a woman is not going to stop simply because she is kind with her words no matter how godly, respectful, or kind the woman is he is still going to be an ass.

    1. 6.1


      That’s true. A woman can carry herself in the most self-respecting and best way possible, some men simply have poor character.

  7. 7


    Men will never respect women. Not in hundreds if not thousands of years when they realize we don’t need them for anything. We can reproduce without them, freeze sperm, do hard labor, and of course we’re more intelligent, so what’s the point of men anyhow? Useless, disrespectful being, they are! haha

    1. 7.1

      Dan Okpara


      I dont know why you feelthis way. But I think it’s wrong. There are men who mistreat women, same way we have women who mistreat men. We cannot use the misbehaviour of a few to condemn everyone.


  8. 8

    Men suck

    What is this? This justifies abusive behaviour in men. She only deserves to be respected if she checks all the points on this list.

    I beat her up to put her in her place. If she didn’t make any mistakes this wouldn’t have happened. All excuses.


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