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Dan Okpara is pastor, author, real estate investor and web developer. His pulpit teachings, radio programs and seminars are blessing millions of lives and have motivated hundreds of people to start their own businesses, overcome threatening challenges and be aligned to God's purpose for their lives.

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    Sunday Great

    We that are in the back-yard part of Nigeria (Nsukka precisely), what do you have do with Evang,Sunday Great. At least, to own a blog or website, and start earning big-big money.
    As you urged us then to write books, l have been working hard on how to publish 2-3 books as soon as you come back to start with. And l believe, regard to that, you have a scholaship for me as you come back.
    Besides, l have a client for you who want to publish his book on line. l strongly promised him that l have a capable hand that can do it for him.
    I must comment on your tutorial about the right internet business to go about with. As you come back, l would only want to know the danger aspect of it.
    Thanks and be lifted high in JESUS name.

  2. 2

    Daisy Nosh

    Great list.!
    Thank you


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