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Also, if you’re a SEO content writer writing on behalf of a commercial website, please consider sponsorship instead of guest posting.

What Kind of Articles are We Accepting?

We are accepting articles on the following areas…

1. Inspirational stories that motivate the mind to live for more.

2. Case studies of successful endeavors and how they did it – can come from any field

3. Entrepreneurship and Startup stories and  case studies

4. Business maneuvers and strategies for profiting

5. Interviews, especially related to business, success, health, science and technological breakthroughs

6. How tos, tips, tricks, smart ideas on any niche

7. Making money online ideas, opportunities, reviews, etc

8. Latest Gadgets, tools, etc

9. Very challenging escapades or events from across the world

10.News on finance, Investing, stock market, trading, etc

11.News stories that make a good read on a business website

Article Submission Guidelines to Note

1. We don’t accept spun articles and we will remove your article without notifying you if we later detect plagiarism.

2. You can add link in the body of your article to your site and the bio, provided total added links are not more than 4. Link within the article linking back to your site must be relevant to the article.

3. We may edit your post and you agree to this.

4. Your post should be from 400 words.

5. At least proof read your own post and fix basic grammatical errors before we do the final editing. It’s hard editing grammatical errors when it’s a little bit too much and your article may be rejected for this.

6. Please use images in your post where necessary.

7. After publishing, the article is ours and may not appear anywhere else.

8. We will contact you whether or not the post will be published. Please be patient as we may need to go through the post and do some background work on it to determine its authenticity.

9. We reserve the right to edit the post as needed (for example, to fix spelling or grammar errors) and to reject post that is not appropriate for this website or for the niche it belongs to.

10. Once your post is published,you must reply to  readers comments when comments are  made and questions are asked.

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