My True Life Story of Turning $100,000 Debt Crisis Into a Huge Platform to Explore Life Beyond My Perceived Ability and Create New Business Ventures…


Between 2008-2010, I had accumulated debts up to the tune of $100,000 (One hundred thousand dollars) from bad investments and forex trading.

The events that followed thereafter is not what anyone ever wishes to be a part of.

Africa is quite different from the West. Over there one can easily declare bankruptcy and be legally allowed to live.

But here, your creditors will hunt you down.

So threatened and hunted by my creditors, I went into despair, depression and severe suffering.

For two years and half, I had all the excuses to be a dead man.

Several times I contemplated suicide, but narrowly escaped.

Long story short.

Today, I have accepted life. I have stopped chasing after closed doors. I have started noticing the hundreds of doors that were open which I didn’t see because I wanted the other doors to remain open.

One Door Closes, Seven Doors Open…Learning to Survive in Hard Times…

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