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dan-dollars-png-newDear Friend,

My name Dan Dollars.

I am the chief editor of The Daniel Digest, formerly business candle.com and Fortune51.com.

I am not here to sale or market to you, so no marketing stunts.

The only thing you need to know about me is that I am a professional blogger, wordpress developer and internetpreneur.

Oh! I almost forgot.

I am an Evangelist and always a Christian ( No offense meant)

You found this page because you are looking for a way to start a blog that makes you money.


Now, you don’t have to go through the hassle of setting up your blog any more. We will do it for you absolutely free.

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If you think its easy to start or setup your own blog, better think again. It’s not.

Here are the…

…Steps you must take to have properly configured blog…

…that will bring in traffic and make money.

1. You will need to select the right domain name

2. You will need to get a good hosting.

3. You need to install WordPress on the server

4. You need to create 5 compulsory pages (or you won’t make money)

6. You need to setup permalinks effectively

7. You need to install 8 compulsory plugins – (We know the plugins)

8. You need to select the right theme (We know the right theme)

9. You need to optimize your blog to load faster ( We know what to remove from WordPress core files)

9. You need to implement basic SEO tricks to be found by search engines

10. You need to implement social metrics to be linked with the social media sites

11. You need to install blog subscription method

12. You need to create a blog vibe – publicity

The list goes on and on…

These are basic things that must be done even before you start posting

Unless you are a pro and have so much time on your side, believe me you’ll get lost in the process, and …

…not doing any of these basic things properly could cost you success and even linger your actual take off.

Do it Right From the Beginning

There are many blogs online that will never get found until the owners give up and the blog die. Why? Because they did not start their blogs the right way.

Now you can have us build your blog for you for free.

What Will it Cost?

It’s Free!

Yea. You aint gonna pay us a dime.

All you need to do is choose your web hosting from one of our hosting providers.

We’ve reached a deal with them and they are aware we are setting up blogs for our readers. When you choose them, we liaise with them and make sure your blog has the best server side configuration and they pay us a few bucks for telling you to choose them.

How to Get Started.

1. Go to our recommended web hosting companies page

2. Purchase your hosting from any of the companies we recommend using the links on the page

3. Send me an email with your log in details to: info@danieldigest.com

4. I’ll follow up with you directly from there.

Summary of What I will do for you

1. Install your blog on your web hosting account

2. Configure your blog with the best SEO permalink setting

3. Create the 5 compulsory pages your blog must have (or you won’t make money)

4. Install the 8 compulsory plugins that will make your blog protected and run smoothly

5. Suggest, select, install and optimize the right WordPress theme

6. Optimize your blog to load faster ( We know what to remove from WordPress core files)

7. Implement basic SEO tricks to be found by search engines

8. Implement social metrics to be linked with the social media sites

9. Install and configure  basic blog subscription method

Crazy Offer,Right?

You bet!

But it’s all to make you get started.

The difference between success and failure is action.

Stop procrastinating. Start making money blogging from today.

Even if they made the day longer than 24 hours you wouldn’t meet your goal any faster if you didn’t take ACTION.

Let’s do it today, be in the line now

Note: In Case You Already Have Web hosting…

But Still Want to Get this Offer

If you already have a hosting from another hosting provider but still wants to take part in this offer, we can still help. In this case, you’ll have to pay for our time.

Now how much do you think our time is worth?

Usually we design blog for $295 for clients. But because of the spirit of giving this month, you can pay us $60.


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