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About Me.

dan-dollars-png-newOk, a little about me.

My name is Daniel Okpara. I am a Pastor, conference speaker and entrepreneur.

I am the pioneer of Excellers World, a non denominational youth ministry with a focus on:

  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Leadership empowerment
  • Talent discovery and
  • Kingdom advancement.

Through our pulpit teachings, radio programs and seminars God has blessed millions of lives . Many have become motivated to start their own businesses, overcome threatening challenges and be aligned to God’s purpose for their lives.

I am also the CEO of Integrity Assets Ltd, a multi verse, web development, internet marketing and real estate investment company.

About is a business ideas, self help, christian news, events, stories and inspiration media network. In this blog, we feature articles and stories that show you how to start your own business, overcome in tough times and fulfill the plan of God for your life.


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