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Dan Okpara is pastor, author, real estate investor and web developer. His pulpit teachings, radio programs and seminars are blessing millions of lives and have motivated hundreds of people to start their own businesses, overcome threatening challenges and be aligned to God's purpose for their lives.

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    Hi sir,
    You have really inspired me greatly,
    Let God increase you for the good work .
    It is not in vain there will be always a reward.

  2. 2

    Neguse Tesfe

    Bishop David Oedepo is a man that God is using him to transform lives like never before in man’s history . I had read majority of his books . The change i had encountered is unspeakable , it took me into the dimensions i can never imagine . The depth of knowledge in this man of God is unexplainable , I had never had physical encounter with this precious man of God , except through his anointed fire books and in a vision , but the life i am leading is extraordinary , in a hostile homeland to Christianity .
    I was totally healed from various terrible diseases that had left me skeleton , through his book entitled ” Divine healing ” and “The Healing balm ” . Moreover , his various other books returned me from captivity and the harassment’s of the devil , which includes the three and half years of imprisonment .
    I was with out direction and in abject poverty , but , now thanks be to God for our Man of Knowledge , Dr David Oedepo , My life is changing in an amazing manner . Skepticism is totally swallowed from my life , i know which dimension i am moving . My destiny is Prosperity , longevity and Eternal life .

    1. 2.1


      wow, thanks for posting your testimony. im expecting the same transformation.

  3. 3

    Pastor Alex Mwamba

    God bless you man of God for this. Bishop David oyedepo is one among other men of God who has inspired me a lot. I admire him for his faith in God and i imitate him a lot. The world must learn to honor men like him. I never knew what divine direction was and did not understand the new covenant but now i do through bishop David oyedepo’s ministry. Thank you so much.

  4. 4

    Pumulo Nomai

    I love Bishop David Oyedepo. How he works with is indescribable. No power of word can express. My comment is I love him.

  5. 5

    Joshua Ovienria

    Hallelujah. He is my spiritual father, full of the power and knowledge of God. Identifying myself with his ministry has made all the difference in my life. Now me too am great

  6. 6

    Sonke Mlotha

    Pastor Sonke Mlotha
    I honour and praise God for Bishop Oyedepo. I have learnt so much from him and still continue to do so.He is my coach and mentor in deed.I listen to his teachings daily.
    He is exuding with the word of God,wisdom and intelligence.May God accelerate and catapult him more and more.
    Where can I get his books in South Africa;Johannesburg?
    Please assist.

  7. 7

    Frashia Wanjiku Njoroge

    Saying God bless Bishop David Oyedepo would be an insult. I say this with all humilty because Bishop Oyedepo is the one who is supposed to bless me (Hebrews 7:7). I got to Know about Bishop Oyedepo through Apostle Moses of New Birth Empowerment Chapel In Nakuru Kenya. Apostle Moses is so passionate about Bishop Oyedepo, actually there is no services that passes without him mentioning Bishop, he calls Bishop Papa. I am so thankfull that i now know Bishop Oyedepo. I honour my Apostle- Apostle Moses, God has transformed my life through him.

  8. 8

    Ephraim Delali Amakpah

    Bishop Oyedepo has taught me something very peculiar in life. If you want to know the heart of a man, just read the things he has written. God bless Him continuously and heavily

  9. 9

    Olawumi Adetomiwa

    Bishop Oyedepo is a real man of God that has passion for souls. Thank God for the commission that I belong.

  10. 10


    Once you are @ the top there must be critics, and watch very well those critics are the middle class and lower class people, they don’t knw the price Papa Oyedepo has paid in the past to achieve all these. All they sit down and do is just to criticize. My dear critics lean to celebrate with those @ the top so you will also be celebrate.
    Papa I love you, thanks for using your ministries to transform millions of souls, God increase you and your ministries, to a new dimension that all your critics will have nothing more to say than to join you up in the quest of soul winning. You the best. And be rooted members

  11. 11

    PAUL K

    PAUL K.
    Words can not describe how God is using Bishop David Oyedepo in this end time to destroy the works of the kingdom of darkness and transforming destiny and restoring hope to the hopeless.To God be all the glory for his life and ministry. Since i joined this commission at Lome-Togo through a Nigeria friend my life has never be the same.i now know my identity as a believer in Christ, and the spirit of reading possessed me and this has made me unique person in my family. Papa God continual to bless and your family….more fire from Heaven. this is just a beginning the world has not seen anything yet.

  12. 12


    Nice posts…. Bishop David Oyedepo is “THE BISHOP OF OUR TIME”.

    I call him “THE BISHOP”. God bless you sir.

  13. 14

    kingsley Ifeanyichukwu Anaele

    Papa, is a man that God is using Hallelujah. He is my spiritual father. Thank God for this commission that I belong.

  14. 15

    Erhijakpor Winnie-Fred Uvie

    I love Bishop David Oyedepo, m so blessed to be under this comission. Praise GodComment…

  15. 16


    I love papa dearly.In deed he is a man of GOD ,

  16. 17


    Indeed Bishop David Oyedepo is a father, i love him dearly.

  17. 18

    Ike Ani

    i must confess that these tips of guideline to wealth with Bishop David as a focus and case study is inspiring and revealing. thanks for this article. it has richly blessed me today.

  18. 19

    Odili Ogochukwu Stanley

    Comment…Papa the grace in you has brought me this far from nothing to a world celebrity. May God continue to empower and increase u daily. Amen

  19. 20

    Peter Adewumi

    God actually makes men through secrets….

  20. 21

    Peter Adewumi

    God actually makes men through secrets…. Thank God for the life of Papa!


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